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Bucket Lists

What this list is for

The bucket list is a list of things that you want to accomplish by the last day of your life. Keeping the list visible in front of you, you are more motivated to realise your wishes because your desires are crystal clear to you. This way you will never forget about your dream, nor fake yourself to an easier way. Check out the movie “The Bucket List” by Robert Reiner.

Words that comes out from your heart may fly anywhere. Any items in the bucket list must follow your truth. Nothing can stop your imagination. You can build the tallest tower in the world one day, or you can travel time one day if the wish is consistent.

So start pen down anything today.

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My Bucket List

Photo by Tobi Law

What to remember making the bucket list


  • Be honest to yourself
  • Review the list time to time
  • Update the list regularly
  • Cross off things completed
  • Add more items as they pop-up

Do Not

  • Limit yourself from the norm
  • Make the list into a daily task list
  • Force to write up to only 50 or 100
  • Scrap item ideas which you wish to avoid

Books helped to make the bucket list

As I have started to write my list, I have being reading the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. This famous book has influence on the list category to include “Work for Money” and “Let Money Work”. For those who is about to set financial goals in the list, it is highly recommended to review this piece despite of its age.

In addition to the Kiyosaki’s, the book also has thrown me some idea, “Kimi to aetakara…” by Yasushi Kitagawa. Kitagawa mentions to build two types of lists, “Take list” and “Give list”. The take list is as straightforward as the name “what you would take or receive from the society”. While the give list acts as its counter part “what you would give or return to the society”. The author argues pursuing to return benefits to the society will eventually fulfills items in the take list. For instance, you write down to make $10,000 per month. Then try to write to provide international education to your children. By seeking the path to achieve the children’s benefit will eventually grant you the money you want.

Eventually, my list has being split to “Give”, “Take” lists and another “Life” list as a macro hierarchy. Under the main parts “Give” and “take”, they have how my items relates to money. Somethings that does not work with money slip in as discrete categories under the two. The “Life” list functions as slightly different. It contains about family, continuous routines to adopt, and interested skills to earn.

The Bucket List

The below git repository keeps changes made on my bucket list. Not only the check off mark appearing on the list, git helps me to comment why and how the items in the list have being updated.



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